The complete guide on how to find reliable essential oil information

When we enter the world of aromatic plants, essential oils and aromatherapy, we’re usually all excited and pumped up to try everything. But it is precisely this phase of initial enthusiasm that may pose a threat. We can quickly misinterpret things or start following wrong or even dangerous advice, ending up doing more damage than … Read More >

Why essential oil and hydrolat are not the only distillation products?

We know distillation as the method of producing essential oil and its side product, hydrolat or aromatic water. But we often overlook that those are not the only distillation products. There are two additional products we do not hear much about in the phytotherapeutic world: residual plant material and residual distillation water. They are quite … Read More >

Chemistry of essential oils: Why the functional group theory is wrong?

A critical take on the theory after almost 30 years of its existence, featuring 6 international experts in aromatherapy and essential oil research.   In aromatherapy, when it comes to essential oil chemistry, things may look surprisingly simple. You may have heard of phrases such as:   To prepare a wake-up blend, choose essential oils … Read More >

The ISEO2017 Report: Symposium highlights and survey results

In September, I attended the 48th International Symposium on Essential Oils (ISEO2017), organised by the University of Pécs, Hungary. Pécs is the 5th largest Hungarian city with a rich history and beautiful architecture, located in the middle of the fields near Croatian border and only a few hours drive from Ljubljana where I live.   … Read More >