The PhytoVolatilome is here to bring biology back to the field of aromatic plants, extracts and essential oils.


I’m Petra, the person behind The PhytoVolatilome. Biologist, researcher and educator, but most of all, aromatic plants enthusiast.


In 2012, I completed my PhD in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants. A large part of the research focused on evaluating quality, safety and efficacy of local aromatic herbs and their essential oils: mountain savory, lemon balm, thyme and sage.


My educational background includes medicinal and aromatic plants, secondary plant metabolites, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, conservation biology, and general biology.


For the past few years, I have been engaged in the field of aromatic plants and extracts as a lecturer, as well as a seminar and workshop presenter. In 2016, I started a local blog From Plant to Aromatherapy. However, in 2017, I decided to take it one step further.



I started The PhytoVolatilome because I feel that the use of aromatic plants and especially essential oils is losing its botanical foundation, turning into instant problem solving. Nowadays, it seems that anyone with some basic training in aromatherapy is an expert in medicine and chemistry of essential oils.


Chemistry is fine, but it’s not enough. I believe that understanding the plants themselves, together with human biology and some critical thinking is crucial for understanding the wider context and acquiring true knowledge. The big picture empowers you to start acting independently of popular information sources, make informed decisions, and avoid getting fooled by the snake oil sellers.



The PhytoVolatilome is for you, if …


  • You’re tired of generic listicles and shallow content from people who seem to know more about marketing than essential oils
  • You get annoyed by endless indication lyrics (anything is for everything)
  • You’re looking for independent information that goes beyond over-simplification on one hand and over-mystification on the other hand
  • If you want to see the forest instead of trees