Essential Oil Home Use

Have you ever wondered how other aroma-enthusiasts use essential oils at home? Which essential oils we use most often and for what purposes? What are our buying habits and where do we get information about essential oils?


Surprisingly, very little research has been done on the habits of essential oil home use (the only exception is a study by Dr Dornic and co-workers, who studied dermal exposure to essential oils in France).


That’s what motivated me to conduct an online survey on a sample of Slovenian EO users, with 4 main topics:

  • General habits of EO use (use frequency and purpose, information sources, frequently used EOs),
  • Application habits (modes, application sites, dilution rates),
  • Individual reports of targeted use and potential side effects, and
  • Use of EOs with children (how, when and for what purpose).


The results were presented at the 48th International Symposium on Essential Oils (ISEO2017) in Hungary last September.



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